Catnip. Noun.

Something that is very attractive or appealing to a particular person or group.

THIS is what we’re all about at Catnip Comms - creating social media strategies and content that not only appeals to your audience, but makes them want to come back for more, time and time again.

Founded in 2020 by Social Media Strategist and Digital Communicator Fay Schofield, Catnip Comms was born out of a love of all things social, a passion for using digital to do good in the world, and the drive to put the social back into social media.

Catnip Comms also has connections with some of the best content producers, copywriters, community managers, media professionals and web and design specialists. So no matter what your project, Catnip Comms will be able to build the best team possible to support you.

Meet the team:

Fay Schofield - Founder

Hi everyone! I’m Fay - the founder of Catnip Comms. I’m a highly experienced communicator, social media strategist, community manager and project lead. For 10 years I have worked for leading digital agencies and global nonprofits based in the UK and US. My clients appreciate my expertise and finely-tuned skills in developing cutting-edge campaigns, growing loyal fan bases, and raising vital awareness and funds.

Meet the team:

Claire Riley

Hello, I’m Claire! I’m the Digital Content Manager with Catnip Comms. I’m an enthusiastic social media specialist, with a good eye for detail (honestly, proofreading is my favourite thing!). I have a keen interest in digital strategy and content creation. I’ve worked for both the creative and third sector, and I enjoy bringing together those skills to produce impactful engaging content.

Workshops and training

Want to up your social media game for yourself or your team? Need a refresher in social media best practice? No matter what your social media skill level we can help by creating a bespoke training program or running a workshop tailored to your needs.

Social Media Strategy and Development

Community Management and Engagement

Influencer Outreach

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